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Loan Post CRM is a web based software platform for loan modifications, foreclosure defense, short sales, and MANY other related services.

We built this platform from the ideas and needs of the largest loss mitigation firms, which gives everyone the latest, cutting edge tools to succeed.

Top business types and models supported by the software...

  • Loan Modification

    Included with the loan modification software and short sale software platform is a complete library set of industry forms for loss mitigation that auto-populate dynamically in the software like HAMP RMA, 710 Form, lender loan modification packages, 4506-T, Hardship Affidavits, 3rd party authorizations, custom loan modification proposals, custom offers/proposals, and more.

    Check out a few intake web forms here:

    Short Version Intake Form

    Long Version Intake Form

    Full Application Intake Form

    Check out some sample forms and packages that auto-generate:

     HAMP RMA   710 Form 4506-T
     Retainer Agreements 3rd Party Authorization  H.O.M.E. Report (HAMP Analysis with all supporting forms)

    These are some of the built in Lender Packages that auto-populate:

    Chase Bank of America Citi Indy Mac Ocwen
    Flagstar PNC Seterus Wells Fargo

  • Foreclosure Defense/Stop Sales

    Many law firms that specialize in foreclosure defense need a software system that can keep track of the ongoing case updates among the whole staff. Our foreclosure defense software will auto-generate legal docs like retainer agreements, motions, and all the industry specific forms. The built in calendar helps store all the critical court dates, filing dates, sale dates, etc... that the whole staff needs to be aware of.

    *** Coming Soon- Direct court filing/docket integration to get real time updates on all your files digitally!

  • Do-It-Yourself Loan Mod

    The private labeled, DIY version of our loan modification software, will allow distressed homeowners to create an account online through your own site, pay your fee (Optionally), fill out the fields, and generate a bank ready HAMP loan modification package. A built in qualifier lets the homeowner see what they qualify for in the way of HAMP and HAFA or any custom designed programmed you offer. For-profit companies benefit with the built in payment gateway that lets you set the fee, and you collect 100% of the money.

    Check out a sample site with the DIY module built in:

    Learn More Here

  • Bankruptcy

    Since Bankruptcy is a popular tool in loss mitigation strategies, we have added the necessary fields to process and track bankruptcy files, like the income, expense, and liability worksheets. Our bankruptcy software module lets you auto-generate the bankruptcy filings and other miscellaneous court filings. The calendar tool will show all the important dates and task reminders that everyone needs to follow.

  • Litigation/Securitization Audit

    When litigating a foreclosure case, nothing can fall through the cracks. That's why the largest litigation firms use the loan post to manage heavy case loads. The litigation process involves multiple touch points by different parties at very specific times, so we created a customizable work flow builder that keeps every file on task. Additionally, you can keep track of billable hours on a per file basis and run weekly/monthly reports when needed.

    We also offer securitization audits that are court ready and detailed enough tp provide the ammunition you need to create the necessary leverage with the bank or servicer.

    Learn More Here

  • Short Sales

    Our Short Sale software helps manage the detailed work flow steps and connect all the parties in real time to work the short sale process. To successfully complete a short sale you need to take a full application and generate all the forms to complete a full package that is submitted the bank/servicer. The loan post creates a full bank ready short sale package complete with a short sale offer.

    The built in modules and fields help organize the property details, store pictures of the property, perform CMA analysis, and even calculate/estimate rehab costs.

    Learn More Here

  • Non-Performing Notes

    Many investors are using The Loan Post to manage the disposition and borrower outreach process of non-performing note pools. By customizing the pipeline primary file statuses, investors can see an overall breakdown of where their files are in real time. A typical investor will setup their loanpost account to work thier notes into various resolution paths like loan modifications, cash for keys/DIL, resale of note, move to foreclose. Regardless of the end goal or exit strategy, investors in this industry find The Loan Post as a valuable tool to manage the process of monetizing their note acquisitions.

    Learn More Here

  • REO/Property Management

    REO and Property Management is a huge business requiring a strong CRM system to manage the tedious tasks involved in property upkeep and rehabs. The platform makes it easy to schedule the right vendors to manage the properties and knock out the tasks.

    Learn More Here

  • Student Loan Mods

    Our student loan modification software has become increasingly popular as the demand continues to grow. Following a similar business model to residential loan modification, you will find that all the tools we already built helps your team stay productive and efficient in processing the student loan modifications. Taking a full student loan modification application is fast and easy!

  • Credit Repair

    If you are in the business of helping borrowers deal with loan work outs, they likely have credit issues as well. By offering credit repair services with our credit repair software you can add additional value to the client relationship and add additional revenue to your bottom line. The Loan Post makes it easy to manage the credit repair process of filing disputes to the bureaus and to the actual creditors.

  • TLP Advantage- Attorney/Vendor Network

    Since we have large, experienced firms performing all of the services mentioned above, we have created a wholesale vendor network for your benefit called TLP Advantage. Once you become a Loan Post user, we give you direct access to reputable firms that become your back office fulfillment center for numerous services. Everything is submitted and tracked via The Loan Post, so you always have 100% transparency on how your clients are handled. Visit our full site here: TLP Advantage


Discover what The Loan post CRM system can do for your organization.

The Loan Post created a system that will streamline your operations from front office to back office, and make you become more scalable overnight, literally! Ask us about our TLP Advantage program, that directly connects you to loss mitigation vendors/fullfillment centers /back office outsourcing at wholesale prices.

Our Philosophy and Story

The Loan Post was built in 2007 during the mortgage boom days. The original platform was a pricing/Pre-qual engine and a niche lender database used by thousands of mortgage brokers, loan originators, and wholesale lenders nationwide. Once the market collapsed in 2008-2009, we switched gears into loss mitigation with a huge head start on a mortgage based CRM platform. After working in-house with a large nationwide firm with clients & affiliates spread across the country, we were able to build out The Loan Post with a flexible, multi-user/role architecture with all the critical features needed to manage 1000's of files. We pride ourselves on fostering relationships with our clients to continually develop the most up to date, feature rich software platform for today's complex loss mitigation industry and the ancillary services.

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Robust CRM Features

The TLP Advantage platform comes with powerful features and services:

  • Web Based

    The LoanPost software is web-based so you don't need to download or install anything. All you need is a web browser and internet connection.

  • Defined User Roles

    Our system is built with multiple levels of users for maximum scalability and visibility. All users can access the system to see, edit and administer their own files, depending what settings are selected per user. Private label versions of these portals are available in the Enterprise edition.

  • Lead / Prospect Management

    Our loan modification software and short sale software manages your customer relationships by automating communications and by fostering collaboration for customer reps and managers to track, distribute, and manage customer information. Built in mass Email marketing and auto-responders will easily convert prospects to customers to dramatically INCREASE ROI. We can also integrate with 3rd party applications like leads 360, lead point, Etc...

  • Online Submission Portal

    Allow your clients and affiliates to submit their full scenarios with file uploading capabilities 24/7 through your own private labeled web form hosted on your website. We have several versions of a secure, online submission portal for quick lead capture, complete file submission, or robust Do-It-Yourself System to auto-generate a bank ready loan modification package or short sale package for Realtors or direct homeowners.

  • Automated Document Generation

    We have all the built in HAMP and HAFA client ready and bank ready documents, packages, disclosures, and waivers needed for loan modifications and short sales. With one click, you can have packages auto-filled with client and bank information. If we don't have a document, we'll add it! And if you need something custom designed for your company or your affiliates, we can handle that too!

  • Email Automation

    Through our partner company, bulk Emailing has never been cheaper, easier and more innovative. Tele-mail has triggers that facilitate live call transfers triggered by opens or clicks. Imagine sending an email to a nice lead list and automatically generate live calls bridging your sales team to interested leads instantly. This is patent pending technology that you will NOT find with any other web based Email marketing software. Contact them today and mention TheLoanPost for a 15% discount.

  • HAMP Proposal Module

    The government is continuously updating the HAMP Program and HAFA Program, specifically relating to principal forgiveness or forbearance, NPV calculations, HAMP Waterfall or "Alternative Waterfall" techniques, and many other details on loss mitigation best practices for lenders and servicers to follow. You should know when, where, and how to find these updates. Our system will auto-calculate pass or fail results for the latest NPV 5.0 formulas modeled after treasury's guidelines.

  • H.O.M.E. Report

    Generate a proprietary Home Owner Modification Evaluation aka H.O.M.E. Report that automatically analyzes the borrower's current mortgage scenario and financial situation against HAMP guidelines. It runs multiple waterfall calculation to provide various, eligible modification options. The Report bundles all the required forms pre-filled for the borrower and includes many resources to help them understand the loss mitigation process from a servicer perspective.

  • HAFA Short Sale Offer Module

    The government is continuously updating the HAMP Program and HAFA Program, specifically relating to principal forgiveness or forbearance, NPV calculations, HAMP Waterfall or "Alternative Waterfall" techniques, and many other details on loss mitigation best practices for lenders and servicers to follow. You should know when, where, and how to find these updates. Our system will auto-calculate pass or fail results for the latest NPV 5.0 formulas modeled after treasury's guidelines.

  • Centralized, Secured Doc Storage with Built-in E-fax.

    We make it easy for all parties to upload & download essential documents and files pertaining to a client file. We also allow you to build and bind multiple files into 1 PDF with watermarking capabilities. Choose to E-mail or E-fax these documents out to any party.

  • Pipeline Management

    We give you 360 degree view of all your client records in various stages and linked to various services you may offer. The pipeline is customizable to reflect your own preferred view, which can be sorted and segmented into exportable detailed Excel reports.

  • Detailed Data Reporting

    Knowing every detail on every file is critical for every business. You can generate summary reports per file that outlines every action & date stamps for sent emails, notes, tasks, faxs, etc... Other reports cover employee productivity, and other specific file related information.

  • Track Billing & Receivables

    Within each client file there is section to input multiple fees owed by the client for the different services you may offer. You control what fees are listed in the system and set them up for future dates owed and/or in phases. Built reminders can be set to notify the client, Agent, Branch or any back office employee of amounts due. Reminders are sent via Email and Text message if Cell number is entered.

  • Lender Directory

    Without access to the loan modification and short sale departments, you will waste countless hours on hold trying to get to the right person and department to get basic answers on submission and status updates. Skip that step and save hours of hold time.

  • Assign Tasks & Reminders

    Creating and tracking tasks or reminders in our loan modification software or short sale software system is critical to manage any short sale or loan modification business. Our system lets you create tasks for yourself or any users associated to a file, including the client, agent, branch manager, or any back office employee. Reminders are sent via Email and/or text message to the assigned user. Each user has their own calendar to see what tasks are assigned to them, while manager can see ALL tasks globally. The centralized calendar can be used to quickly see many date sensitive items like, pending tasks, billings owed, commissions owed, and most importantly sale dates.

Frequently asked questions

We know you have plenty of questions, so here are a few FAQs. Call us today to get all your answers!

How can I test or try The Loan Post out?

First, fill out the form above and we will automatically log you into The Loan Post, where you can openly test the demo system. You must contact us to get a license agreement and proposal signed to have your own private account setup with a risk free 14 day trial.

What other services does the software support?

The Loan Post at its core is a very robust CRM platform with universal features like web forms, calendars, task reminders, custom reports, billing/commissions tracking, E-fax, E-mail, Auto-generated PDFs, Etc... Additionally, you can customize client fields, statuses, divisions, documents, and forms to fit your unique services like litigation, credit repair, debt settlement, loan origination, and more.

How long does it take to setup?

The software is 100% turnkey and has many default settings already created for loss mitigation and short sale related services. We provide live support & training session for your staff to learn how to drive and customize the software. By the way, there is no software to install or download!

Can you build out any customized software modules for us?

Yes- We can build out customized software solutions that integrate The Loan Post. Typically, we like to do work that will be released globally to all users, but we have done unique projects that are company specific.

Choose your packages & pricing

All packages have a 14 day Risk Free trial period, which means you will get a full refund if canceled within 14 days.

Standard Package


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Long Term Contract)

  • 5 User Included @ $50/Month
    Additional Users
  • Unlimited # of Clients and
    Doc Storage
  • 100 Free Outbound E-Fax Pages per
    Month. 6¢ / Page after 100
  • 1 Home Report Included ($795 Value)
  • Industry Doc/Custom Form Library with E-Signature

Standard Package
w/ Private Label


(Month to Month, No
Long Term Contract)

Private Label Fee = $595

  • 5 User Included @ $50/Month
    Additional Users
  • Unlimited # of Clients and
    Doc Storage
  • 100 Free Outbound E-Fax Pages per
    Month. 6¢ / Page after 100
  • 1 Home Report Included ($795 Value)
  • Industry Doc/Custom Form Library with E-Signature
  • Private Label Package

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