Managing Leads & Client Intake


Web Forms

The Loan Post provides instant, hosted web forms or HTML iFrame code for your website that will allow your clients and affiliates to submit cases online with attached supporting documents. If you don't have a website, we offer website services here.

Full Version (Click to View Sample Form)

This forces users to submit 100% complete scenarios in 4-5 steps, making it easy to qualify the client prior to accepting payment or processing paperwork.

Short Version (Click to View Sample Form)

This is a 1 step form that is quicker to fill out, but still provides qualifying information.

Full page (Click to View Sample Form)

The full page makes it easy for a user to submit a full sceanrio without having to go through multiple steps.


Lead/Client Data Import

The built in Lead Import tool allows you to upload a CSV formatted file and map the data fields into your Loan Post account. The supported fields include general contact info, mortgage details, property details, sale date, lead source, and file number. For larger data migrations from legacy software systems can be imported from our back end development team within 24-48 hours. We have done extensive data migrations into The Loan Post, so do NOT fear... we have you covered! We have even migrated files over with all their supporting uploaded files! Certain fees may apply.


Structured & Smart Client Intake Forms

When any user like a sale rep, paralegal, or affiliate is logged in creates a new file, they must select the file type like loan modification, or short sale. This opens the respective tabs to guide the user in asking the right questions and filling out a complete application. This is essential for the user or a manager to determine eligibility in this complex industry.

You will find the following tabs inside a client file for "Loan Modification" or "Short Sale"... Borrower contact info, mortgage details, property details, Income & Expenses, Hardship, Detailed Q&A (roughly 20-30 questions related to HAMP, Bankruptcy, listing, counseling history, service member, etc... ), HAMP Waterfall Calculator, Assets & Liabilities, Document Storage & Auto-generation, Task Reminders, Checklist, Work Flow Steps, Admin, and Legal.

To see these tabs and specific fields you can login to do a free test drive of the demo account here. or watch this video


Pipeline Management for Sales Reps

The Loan Post CRM allows sales reps to manage their entire set of leads, which can be converted into full clients once an application is complete, reviewed for eligibility, and finally sent an auto-generated agreement via E-mail with E-Signature or via E-fax. By default, the software comes with lead statuses that help manage the different lead stages. Additionally, sales reps can set task reminders to follow up, make detailed notes, and send unique client URL links to complete the application online. Lastly, the sales team can share a pool of leads and once contact is made re-assign the lead to themselves to work the full application.


Quick Pre-Qualification Analysis

Once you have a full client file completed, you can order a H.O.M.E. Report (Home Owner Mortgage Evaluation Report) to determine eligibility. If there are any issues with the borrowers eligibility you will know early on before you submit anything to the lender/servicer, allowing you to work out the issues. Visit our H.O.M.E. Report section to learn more.

If you are an experienced loss mitigation professional, you can quickly scan through the client application to look for red flags and also use the free HAMP Waterfall calculator to quickly calculate what the new payment will look like.


Auto-generate Retainers, Agreements, & Industry Forms with E-Signature

With our software you will have a full library of commonly used documents and lender packages ready to go that pre-fill your customer information. Most come in E-signature ready format or you can just send via E-fax. You can also submit your own custom packages to us, and we will add it to your account. Lastly, you can create your own dynamic packages with the doc wizard tool. Basically, you can copy and paste the template and insert the tags in the template to pre-fill client or bank information. It's that easy and fast!