Track all your account receivables and payables in one system

Managing money is never easy and using 3rd party systems complicate the process even more. The Loan Post has built functionality to track the money owed per client file and the money due for commissions. We take the headache out of managing your company's revenue and payables.

Client Billing and Billable Hour Tracking

Within each client file there is section to input multiple fees owed by the client for the different services you may offer. You control what fees are listed in the system and set them up for future dates owed and/or in phases for monthly payment plans. Built in reminders can be set to notify the Client, Agent, Branch or any back office employee of amounts due. Reminders are sent via E-mail and Text message if the corresponding cell number & carrier is entered.

Billable hours can be tracked every time a note is made. So any user that makes a note, can select if the note update is billable, which prompts the user to enter the rate and billable minutes. The billable hours reports auto-calculates the amount of fees due in a certain time period, which can be added to the billing section of the client file.

Commission Tracking

Within each client file you can track what commission is owed and to who. Only managers and Branch managers can set commissions. Typically companies need to track commission to the Agent/Affiliate. After entering an amount, the commission shows in the agent/affiliate portal and branch portal.


Easy reporting and tracking is built in to allow quick access to amounts owed by all client files in the system. You can export the reports into Excel for your own records. In the pipeline, you can also see which files have past due amounts pending or which files have money owed within 1, 2, and 3 weeks