API Documentation - Leads

The leads resource allows you to create leads.

Create New Lead

Resource Details

Method Endpoint
POST https://www.theloanpost.com/leadReceiver.php

Supported Parameters

Parameter Type Description Required
subrc number Code used in Lead post. Yes
brc string Unique identifier for the branch account in which to return leads from. Supported when using an Branch Referral Key. Yes
arc string Unique identifier for the Loan Officer/Mortgage Broker account in which to return leads from. Supported when using an Loan Officer/Mortgage Broker Referral Key. Yes
fileType string File Type. Yes
loanPrograms string What kind of program are you looking for? Yes
loanAmtRequested number How Much do you need? No
HMLOLoanType number What are you looking for? No
exitStrategy string What type of deal is this? No
noOfPropComp number How many deals have you done? No
loanTerm string How long do you need the money? No
borOccpPri Yes/No Will you be living in the property? No
creditScoreRange string Hows your credit? No
acceptedPurchase Yes/No Do you have the property under contract? No
propEquity number How much equity is in the property as it currently sits? No
maxAmt number What’s the maximum amount you can put down? No
fName string Borrower First name Yes
lName string Borrower Last Name Yes
email string Borrower Email No
propAddr string Property Address Yes
propCity string Prop Address City Yes
propState string Prop Address State Yes
propZip number Prop Address Zip No
cell number Cell# No
borrowerNotes string Borrower Notes No
hardMoneyBroker Yes/No Are you a hard or private money broker? No
agentFName string Broker FName Yes
agentLName string Broker LName Yes
agentCompany string Broker Company Name Yes
agentEmail string Broker Email Yes
json number Response Type Yes

Response Details

Parameter Type Description
messageCode number Status Codes
message string Responce message.
fileNumber number Unique identifier for the File Number in which to return leads from. Supported when using an File Id.
fullLoanAppURL string Full Application completection link.
quickAppURL string Quick Application completection link.

Example Json Response


"message":"Lead(s) created succesfully.",


Example XML Response

	<message>Lead(s) created succesfully.</message>
	<fullLoanAppURL><?php echo https://www.theloanpost.com/; ?>HMLOWebForm.php?bRc=0544d2998e5132a9&aRc=0544d2998e5132a9&lid=f48a8ff60c0b703a&fOpt=8e614f58c0d670e4&opt=e637bd2de4735343&op=69ae9aa7bfc04392</fullLoanAppURL>
	<quickAppURL><?php echo https://www.theloanpost.com/; ?>HMLOWebForm.php?bRc=0544d2998e5132a9&aRc=0544d2998e5132a9&lid=f48a8ff60c0b703a&fOpt=8e614f58c0d670e4&opt=e637bd2de4735343&op=aa4465703ef4b17e</quickAppURL>

Status Code Details

Code Type Message
1 success Lead(s) created succesfully.
2 error Problem while creating leads.
3 error Submitter (subrc) does not match.
4 error File type is missing.
5 error Loan programs is missing.