The H.O.M.E. Report provides automated HAMP analysis

The HOME Report was developed by the industry leading loss mitigation software platform designed for the industries speciality servicers, law offices, processing companies, and loss mitigation professionals. The HOME Report quickly analyzes a homeowner eligibility for HAMP and provides summary findings with detailed mortgage modification proposals.

How it works:

Once you have an account with TheLoanPost CRM system, you can create a file for a homeowner and submit the required values necessary to run the analytics through our software. Most users will need to be trained for the first few deals, and that comes with the purchase of our software. We provide all the tools and material needed to be successful in selling HOME Reports, gathering required inputs from the bank via 3-way call, analyzing/interpreting the results and submitting/negotiating with the lender if applicable.The HOME Report includes all the required forms like RMA, 710 Form, DODD FRANK, and 4506-T. Additional items include: HAMP Analysis, HAMP waterfall based modification proposals, supporting document checklist, State specific foreclosure laws, description of all available loss mitigation programs, how to escalate or appeal a denied loan mod case, links to important resources, and more.

The HOME Report is a tool that will help your company and/or the homeowner directly deal with their bank. Knowing ahead of time before submitting anything to the servicer is a powerful way to ensure positive results on the first submission! For profit resellers can sell this report for a profit or bundle the product with their existing services. Contact us today for a free sample to see how it works.


The H.O.M.E. Report determines
HAMP eligibility QUICK and EASY!

Experience. Knowledge. Guidance.

Servicer Compliance

Treasury and CFPB have rolled out very aggressive compliance requirements mandating time lines and specific procedures. HOME Report outlines these requirements and reminds servicers to play by the rules to avoid hefty fines, surprise audits, and escalations.

Increase the efficiency and impact on every customer.

Resources & Program Overview

The Report will supply information and links to resources depending on what kind of loan & property State. Between, escalations, treasury, Hardest Hit fund, TARP, HUD, FHA, and others, there is a LOT to learn!

State Specific Foreclosure Law

The H.O.M.E. Report includes a State specific breakdown of the foreclosure law. It covers if a State is Judicial/Non-Judicial, estimated foreclosure timeline, right of redemption, and deficiency judgement.

Volume Pricing and Customized Packages are Available!

Through years of experience consulting with the largest loss mitigation firms and studying Treasury's HAMP guidelines we have created a robust loan modification tool that provides powerful impact with the servicer to get positive results in a timely manner- Everytime! Or your money back, guaranteed!

Chris Fuelling
Founder & CEO, The Loan Post

I spent several months diving deep into Treasury's HAMP guidelines, waterfall calculations, and CFPB compliance requirements. I am armed with information that will help you better understand the HOME Report and get your clients approved for loan work outs!

Daniel Tullio
Support Specialist, The Loan Post


We have over 7 years of experience working in loss mitigation. Since 2007 we have worked with large loan modification companies & law offices, banks, and counselors.



Our mission is to help you pre-qualify and determine HAMP eligibility early on, before you submit to the servicer. Knowing what issues lay ahead will help prepare the application correctly.

We can analyze each case as needed, and recommend a course of action tailored to your clients' needs. We ONLY use proven models that actually work! Your company looks like the ROCKSTAR!

HAMP Tier 1 & 2 Analytics

The core of the Report includes a HAMP eligibility pass/fail test for HAMP Tier 1 & 2. The new loan terms are proposed based off standard and Principal Reduction Approach (PRA) waterfall guidelines.

Auto-Generates Required Forms

The H.O.M.E. Report comes complete with all the required forms needed on EVERY application, like RMA, 710 Form, Dood Frank, 4506-T, Etc... It also provides links to other forms that may be necesary like a  P&L.

Detailed Questionairre

There are many critical question required by the servicer that will affect the outcome & desired resolution. The Report addresses them like: Past HAMP history, Bankruptcy, Assets/Reserves, property condition, military status, listing status, credit counseling, etc...

H.O.M.E. Report Includes the Following:

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