Enterprise, Financial-Grade Security at Every Level

As a web based software platform we know that managing the system you use everyday requires serious security and data protection. Additionally, we know how often the industry changes guidelines, forms, and lender packages. We do our best to keep your system up to date with the latest forms and packages.

User-Based Security

User-based security allows specific users of the software to have access to only specific areas of the software. Detailed permission exists to control login rights, admin rights, and many other detailed areas of the software.

Data Protection, Encryption, and Back Up

All data entered by users within the software will be protected using Blow fish encryption. Outside back ups are routinely performed daily to avoid any lost data in the event of a server crash. Additionally, you may export your data whenever you want into Excel format.

Firewall and Network Protection

The servers controlling your data and the software are protected with the latest firewall and network protection protocols. The internet is filled with an ever growing number of viruses, worms, spyware, and other harmful web based exploits, so we ensure that all systems are protected.

SSL Protection

All web pages containing sensitive information, including the public web forms are protected with SSL. You will see the URL read HTTPS on these pages.